Grant Contracting for Tree Removal Tauranga


  • Orchard Clearing
  • Subdivision Clearing
  • Kiwifruit Removal
  • Thinning
  • Green-waste Removal

are all easily handled with our purpose built 350HP machine.


Avocado thinning and removal is a painless exercise with Grant Contractors. Whole tree mulching of standing trees is a cost effective way of thinning your avocado orchard. We can mulch standing Avo trees up to approx 6 years old, clearing of land for future use. Trees and stumps up to 2 meter diameter can be mulched.


Whole jobs can be undertaken for Kiwifruit removal. Kiwifruit wires can be wound up quickly and easily with our wire winder.

Clearing Land

With the ability to mulch standing trees up to approx 6 years old, clearing of land for subdivisions, orchards, kiwifruit, etc becomes as easy as calling Grant Contractors.

Green Waste

Property waste can be costly to get rid of, involving many trips to the local tip or refuse station. We can turn your green waste into valuable nutrients for your garden through mulching! This will replenish your soil, helping your property flourish!

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