Removing a tree from your property is only half the job. The other half is getting the stump out of the ground. Without the right equipment and knowledge this can be almost impossible to do.

Stumps left in the ground can look unsightly, be hazardous, or even rot – possibly spreading disease to nearby plants. There is also the possibility that the plant can grow back!

With several different machines to remove stumps we have the experience and the right machine for your job. Our general purpose 350HP machine grinds stumps on or in the ground (up to 500mm below the surface). Small enough to get into tight spots or lifted over any obstacle in the way, we can get to your job! Then, when the stump is removed, you can cover with top soil and create a lovely new flower bed or lawn.

Stump grinding up to 500mm below the surface means a more cost effective alternative to digging out and carting away. The ability to manoeuvre our machines into tight spots means we are able to grind stumps others cannot.

Large numbers of stumps can also be put through our 800HP tree shredder, a fast and effective way of dealing with large orchard removals or subdivision clearing.

Stumps can be delt with in the ground or mulched on top of the ground after being dug out allowing greater flexibility when clearing for new orchards, subdivisions or pasture.